Battling Blazes

I met a man with more stories than he’ll ever have time to tell. Haywood Belvin has served in the Altavista Fire Department for 50 years, including several as fire chief. He is still driving the trucks to and from fires and said, if need be, he’s prepared to go in alongside the younger guys. Barrett did a good job puttng some of his memories together as a retrospective tribute.

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Snow Birds

These cardinals were as surprised by the snow as I was today. I am ready for Spring.

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St. Baldricks

My first time shooting this event, which raises money for pediatric cancer research via volunteers shaving their heads. I have seen some nice shots by other photographers in past years so I tried to focus on expressions and reactions.

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Coyote Hunting

Trudging through cowpies and creeks in the dark, hopping fences and ducking under thorny bushes, I went out with a couple guys who have taken to predator hunting. Standing in a field, they scan the treeline with night-vision and thermal-imaging scopes as a portable speaker blares animals sounds to lure in coyotes, foxes and bobcats. They have permission from dozens of farmers in Bedford County to hunt on their land. Although they killed over 20 coyotes during the winter, we went out twice and I didn’t see any action (I’m sure my being there didn’t help). I’d like to join them again in the fall when they coyotes are more active again and fill in the photos that are clearly missing.

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Shower Shelter

For the state-wide tornado drill, residents in assisted living communities were instructed to take shelter in their showers during an emergency event. Cheryl McGowan was happy to let me see her bathroom bunker.

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Part of the Band

Covered a high school band competition and was reminded of my own years in the trumpet section. Combining artistry with precision and emotion with discipline, all within a group setting, requires a unique skillset. It was great watching this group get excited, silly, bored, nervous and finally relieved. Long live the band geek!

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NFL Dreams

Football player Keith Lewis stands on campus at Virginia University of Lynchburg. I liked the look of the sun as the rim light and used a strobe for fill.

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TV Binge-ing

The Burg did a story on binge TV watching and they needed a cover shot. Writer Brent Wells volunteered his house and wife for the shoot. Thought this was a fun way to illustrate the idea.

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Let it Snow

After several letdowns, Lynchburg finally got a decent winter storm. About 10″ in 24 hours, and I saw the range of reactions as I slid around town in my Honda Civic.

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Tai Chi

Feature on a free tai chi class at a local hospital, created as a resource for people somehow affected by cancer (which, they told me, is everyone).

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