TV Binge-ing

The Burg did a story on binge TV watching and they needed a cover shot. Writer Brent Wells volunteered his house and wife for the shoot. Thought this was a fun way to illustrate the idea.

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Let it Snow

After several letdowns, Lynchburg finally got a decent winter storm. About 10″ in 24 hours, and I saw the range of reactions as I slid around town in my Honda Civic.

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Pool Sharks and Seafood

Another great afternoon was spent at The Cavalier Store for the annual Cav Cup. This year The Burg asked for enough photos to fill a page so I turned my lens away from the pool table for a while. It has been great to return here each year and see more and more familiar faces. I know I’ll never be a true local but I am feeling like more of a regular.

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At the Car Wash

The temperature spiked for a couple of days between cold snaps and Mid-Town Motors stayed busy rinsing the road salt and snow mud off of cars. I liked the way the water spray looked in the sunset and hung out for an hour or so.

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A Little Snow

Everyone was on edge yesterday as forecasts predicted up to 6″ of snow. In all, the total came to less than 1″ leaving many people (or at least me) feeling shortchanged. As Calvin once remarked, “Getting an inch of snow is like winnning 10 cents in the lottery.” Even so, I found a few kids outside making the most of it.

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Sunday Stroll

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O Christmas Tree

I can’t help but agree with comedian Jim Gaffigan a little bit: “The Christmas tree…where did that tradition come from? It sounds like the behavior of a drunk man. I can picture it now: ‘Honey, why is there a… a pine tree in our living room?’ ‘I like it. We’re gonna… we’re gonna decorate it… for Jesus. Then I’m gonna hang my socks over the fireplace.’”

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Brown Thursday

I don’t support this new trend but I had to cover it anyway. Brown Thursday, as it has been called, is a clear violation of America’s favorite holiday in terms of food. Going out at 7 or 8 pm and waiting in line until midnight is just crazy enough to be fun. Having stores open at 5 and 6 pm ruins all that. They don’t even pass out stuffing or cranberry sauce while you are in line.

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Afternoon Hoops

Warm weather wild art. I hung out for an hour while these guys were shooting hoops, wondering if I still had my jumper and wishing I had worn athletic shoes.

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Take Cover

Seventh-grader Logan Elliott takes shelter under his desk during The Great ShakeOut earthquake drill at Rustburg Middle School. The worldwide drill was started in 2008 to educate people on what to do if an earthquake hits. “I hope we don’t ever need to use them” said Tim Hoden, Director of Operations for Campbell County Schools, “but we want to prepare students in case we have a crisis.”

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